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Washer & Dryer Repair

worker fixing the washing machine

Washers, dryers, and washer dryers are the unsung heroes of the utility room. They just do what they do, keeping the family in clean and dry clothing, week in, week out. Until the day they don’t of course and that’s when we suddenly realise just how much we rely on them. Whatever your brand of washer or dryer is, we will have a pretty good idea of what has gone wrong from the moment you call us, so to get that washer dryer back into running order you just need to call us.

Common Washer Problems

The commonest washer problems are actually pretty simple, like the machine not being properly leveled or an old hose giving up the ghost and starting to leak. However some problems are a sure sign of serious trouble and require professional help and replacement parts. If washers aren’t running through their cycle properly it is probably not a problem with the motor but rather with the electrical switchgear. As washers have gotten ever more sophisticated so have their electronics. Fortunately we are specialists in the electronics of washers and dryers and can fix or replace switches as necessary.

Common Dryer Problems

The biggest issue we find our customers coming to us with is that they run the dryer as normal but nothing happens - the clothes seem to come out as wet as they went in. That’s a pretty sure sign that there is a problem with the heating element but the reasons for that problem could be one of many. Sure you could need a whole new heating element but before we start to hand you expensive parts bills we prefer to systematically run through a checklist of all those little things that could contribute to the problem first. You’d be amazed how often we get called out to a failed dryer but manage to fix it with nothing more than a new filter.

Water where it’s not Wanted

There are two issues of water where it’s not wanted; unwanted water outside the machine - typically all over your floor, and unwanted water inside the machine - typically sloshing around with all those clothes that were meant to come out dry. The culprit for water leaks could be anything from hoses to door seals, the culprit for internal water is often the drain pump which is responsible for water being sucked out during the spin cycle. Whatever it is we’ll find it and we’ll fix it.

Knocks and Noises

Nobody likes to hear death rattles from a machine that relies on a powerful motor spinning things around at high speeds. We talk about noises sounding ‘expensive’ but to our skilled technicians there are many kinds of noises and what can sound like a failing motor can also be a much simpler affair like a worn coupler announcing that it is time to replace it. To you they may just be noises, to us it’s a symphony of symptoms and often all we have to do to find your problem is listen for a minute.

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