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Stove and Oven Repair

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Of course you can live without your oven, but why would you want to? It’s hardly a home without proper home cooked food and a kitchen with only a microwave in it feels more like a convenience store than the heart of a home. So if that stove or oven simply stops working, or begins to behave unpredictably then you want to call us immediately. We will want to ask you a few questions about just what it is doing in order to give us an idea of what the problem is and to save you both time and money but more often than not our experience is that stoves and ovens can be returned to working order.

Range Burners

If the whole range stops working then the first thing we look at is the switchgear and fuses but if it’s just one of the burners on the range that isn’t working we look at a number of options. Firstly we swap the burners around to find out if it’s the burner itself or the socket or what’s called the infinite switch. We test all the burners until we’re sure we’ve isolated the problem and typically replace the guilty component.

Oven Temperature

This is often a more tricky one to spot and even more so to diagnose but we are experts in the systems that control oven temperatures and are more than capable of getting an unreliable oven back into full working service. The first step is to use an ohmmeter to check the oven’s sensor is functioning correctly. Having established that the sensor is working or not we will replace if necessary and then recalibrate it so that the oven controls deliver exactly the results desired. Because we systematically go through all of the possible elements involved in temperature control we can pinpoint the precise factor that needs to be addressed rather than simply opting for mass component replacement which is more expensive. We aim to save you money as well as bringing your appliances back to life.

Oven Doors

It might seem trivial but it is astonishing how often the part that goes wrong is nothing to do with the complex heating, thermostat, or air circulation systems but rather the mechanical element that is the door. There are a number of things that go wrong with oven doors but the beauty of a mechanical device is that the repair is neither complex nor expensive - and you will be so very happy you got it done. Broken door springs, silicon gaskets, and door sensors are usually responsible and extremely affordable to replace.

Self Cleaners that Don’t

Self cleaning ovens are one of those great steps forward for humanity up there with the discovery of fire and the invention of the internal combustion engine but it’s funny how often we find that customers whose self cleaning system stops working simply act like there is no problem.  Fortunately for you we can fix those self cleaning ovens so you don’t end up doing their job for them.

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