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Small Appliance Repair

a gray bread toaster

The big white goods are your key appliances but if you look around the kitchen you’ll probably find you rely on a lot more small appliances than you ever knew you had - until the day they stop working of course. That’s when you suddenly realise that yes, you did once have a coffee grinder/food processor/toaster/microwave and it was really handy when it worked. Because they are typically less expensive and easier to go and pick up off the shelf than the major appliances people often simply look to replace rather than repair but before you do that give us a call. It is often the case that in only a couple of questions we can get a clear idea of just what it is that’s gone wrong.


Microwaves are magical items. We all know that. They don’t cook like normal cookers, they ‘nuke’ things. With the result that we often treat microwaves as if they are highly complex and probably dangerous things. Yet they are also simple electrical appliances and often we find that the problems with them are not from their being microwave ovens as such, but rather familiar electrical issues to do with wiring, circuit boards, and even plain old fuses.

Food Processors and Coffee Grinders

The nature of the blades and the shape of the jug may vary from one of these to the other but to us they are fundamentally the same things; an electrical engine capable of varying speed that spins blades Because the blades meet resistance it is possible for the engine to overheat and that leads to local burn out which we can often repair inexpensively and quickly. So if you have a favorite food mixer you don’t have to trash it just because it doesn’t want to play. Call us and we’ll tell you if your processor or grinder is fixable.

Electric Kettles, Coffee makers, Tea makers

Beverage appliances are mechanically simple but inevitably involve a heating coil, a thermostat, and a switch, any one of which can fail. While it is possible for overheating to render all the components of a beverage heater inoperable our experience says that a lot of the time it is only an individual switch, or thermostat unit that has become defective and needs replacing. So once again give us a call before throwing your favourite coffee maker in the dumpster and we’ll see if we can help.

Electric Heaters and Fans

Electric heaters raise the alarm because obviously they are intended to create as much heat as possible as quickly as possible and if they misbehave they can be a fire risk. So at the first sign of an electric heater starting to behave strangely we recommend that you bring it to us or call us in to deal with it. Fans are of course intended to do very much the opposite but they too have motors and circuits which means the causes for fan failure can actually be very minor and expe

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