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Fridge & Freezer Repair

male technician repairing refrigerator indoors

Fridges and freezers are more complex than you might think and are the classic example of how your parents probably had one that lasted forty years and yet yours seems to have stopped working precisely one day after the warranty expired. In truth modern fridges and freezers are far more sophisticated than those old bullet proof units from the fifties even if they did look like bank safes.  A modern energy efficient fridge can run on 40 per cent less energy than old fridges, which means savings of hundreds of dollars a year the downside of which is that they are more complex and have more components to fail. Add to that the fact that a fridge or fridge freezer has to run 24 hours a day every day of the year and it’s probably more surprising how little they fail than how often. The good news is that when they do fail we’re there for you.

Same Day/Next Day

We know that the moment your fridge or freezer fails it’s like a time bomb ticking down on the food you have stored in it and you’re going to hesitate to buy more fresh food if you don’t think you can store it right. So unlike many consumer electronics that you can do without for a few days there is pressure to fix those fridges and freezers as soon as possible. Where we can we will come out to diagnose your fridge on the same day but because it is a call out (not many customers sling a freezer in the trunk to bring it in to us) that might be a next day call out depending on the time you call it in. Either way we pledge to get out to you as soon as possible as fridges and freezers are priority repairs.


How long your fridge or freezer should last depends on a number of factors including where you put it in the kitchen. Not many people know this but keeping a fridge in direct sunlight or next to ovens or heat sources can lead to gaskets drying out. The biggest single factor, however, is probably when it was made. A fridge freezer should last twelve to fifteen years if it’s a side by side or freezer top style unit but if it’s a modern single door unit then it should be good for twenty years.  Bear that in mind when deciding to repair or replace. Consumer Reports recommends repairing your fridge or freezer if it’s less than half way through its expected lifespan.

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Star initiative dates back to 1992 so if you’re still looking at an old faithful dating back to before then remember that it is costing you money every day it works through the utility bill, never mind the repair bill when it doesn’t. Our experts will always give you an honest consultation about whether you will get long term savings from repair or replacement.


Fridges and freezers come in many brands and models but at their heart they have two basic components: a condenser coil and an evaporator coil and we understand coils and the motors that serve them so while there may be delays getting hold of some parts in general we can fix pretty most any kind of fridge.

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