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Dishwasher Repair

handyman in overalls repairing domestic dishwasher in the kitchen

Dishwashers are amazing. In the US the Energy Star initiative estimates that a dishwasher can save you over two hundred hours a year compared to washing and drying your dishes by hand. Not only that but in terms of energy use Energy Star estimates that hand washing actually costs you more in water and energy than a modern dishwasher. That’s if your dishwasher makes it the full distance of its expected ten years lifespan. The catch is that often dishwashers give up the ghost before that decade of service. The good news is that we are there to help.

Common Faults

The commonest problems customers come to us with are about leaking dishwashers, or washers that just don’t wash with dishes coming out still dirty, or dishwashers that just don’t want to start and instead make a weird humming noise. Just a few minutes on the phone are normally enough to give us an idea of which component(s) are causing the problems. We can do a quick check over the phone to make sure the problem isn’t something that you can simply fix yourself so we won’t charge you if there’s no need for our call out service - so what have you got to lose by calling?


While some dishwasher leaks are simply down to simple things like the washer no longer being on the level some of them are down to ageing and wear and tear on key points such as the sump inlet valve or the door gaskets. Often the solution is simply about finding the point where the leak is coming from (door? hoses?) and replacing that worn rubber.


There are lots of things that can make noise as a dishwasher fails. Ball bearings rattle like peas in a drum, failing motors hum. To us all these noises are useful because like the symptoms of a disease they give us a clue of what is going wrong. The earlier you call in a problem the easier, and less expensive, it is to repair. So for example those ball bearings start to make noise as the grease they run in wears away and if we catch them early they can be replaced before they become rough and damage their housings. So as soon as there is a noise, give us a call - often just holding the phone to the machine as it misbehaves is enough to tell us what needs to be done.


Yes it’s true we have our own favorite brands because we know which ones are the most reliable and which are the easiest to repair.  In fact our experience is such that we can often guess where to look for problems the moment a customer tells us the make and model of the dishwasher. We also know about parts availability for each brand so while we can fix pretty much every dishwasher out there we are also able to tell you just how much and how tricky it will be. So call us.

We proudly service Airdrie and surrounding areas (Calgary, Chestermere, Okotoks, Strathmore and Cochrane).

If you're further up North in Alberta, we recommend checking out our friends at Edmonton Dishwasher Repair.

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