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Appliance Repair

smiling lady behind technician repairing dishwasher in kitchen

Appliances fail, they do, and if you’ve got that sneaky suspicion that your mom’s huge old appliances lasted for a lifetime and your shiny new ones have a lifespan of only a couple of years then you may have a point (see ‘why appliances fail’ below). There is always the possibility of going out and getting a new appliance and of course appliance makers and sellers are queuing up to help you part with your money that way.  But there is also the possibility that your appliance only needs a bit of tweaking and it will be back on the job.  Here’s why you should repair your appliances, and why we are the people to do it for you.

Why Repair Appliances?

Of course you could just buy a new one, and all that shiny advertising is telling you that the new one will be better than your old one. However what that advertising doesn’t tell you is that the problem may be small and easily fixed, that it may cost a fraction of re-purchasing, and that when it comes down to it your familiar old appliance does exactly the job you bought it for and you aren’t looking for a new one.

Why Us?

The first thing we do is give you a diagnosis about what we think is the problem and what it will cost. If we don’t think we can fix it we tell you straight up so you don’t waste time or money. If we can fix it we’ll tell you how much that costs so you can compare with the cost of buying new. Which means that coming to us is only going to save you money and give you choices. We have been doing this a long time, and there’s little we haven’t seen or fixed so you can trust the quality of our work and yes, if we think it’s going to fail again after a while, we’ll tell you that too so you can make an informed choice.

Why Appliances Fail

If you suspect modern appliances aren’t built to last you’re probably right. They just don’t make them like they used to. That’s because product cycles have been accelerated with the pressure to come up with newer and better designs all the time to encourage repurchase. The idea isn’t for appliances to last a lifetime, just the time it takes to tempt you with a new one. But you can buck that system and repair instead of buying. You don’t have to keep paying out.

Environmental Issues

It’s not just your dollars at stake here. In a time when people are becoming more environmentally aware it’s worth remembering that even where replacement appliances are more energy efficient or advertised as ‘green’ the impact on the planet is least when you repair. That’s because digging out the metals and making the plastic for the new ‘green’ appliance take their environmental toll in a way that repairing your old ones don’t. Repair, don’t replace.

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