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About Us

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Don’t take our word for it, listen to those nice people at the Consumer Reports who attest that the services provided by independent repair shops were more satisfactory, as well as more affordable, than equivalent factory services. Sometimes bigger just isn’t better and your local repair team is the answer. At Airdrie Appliance Repair Pros we are that team of independent repair specialists that you’ve been looking for. We are skilled in all manner of mechanical, electric, and electronic repairs for your appliances to ensure that you don’t have to trash them and go buy a new one you don’t want. We extend the life of those appliances which is good for the planet and great for your wallet because our repairs are a fraction of the price of replacement. We’ll always be straight up with you too because we know that some repairs aren’t worth it for the lifespan they can be expected to return. We’ve built our business on those beliefs and that means we have a solid following of satisfied customers who know that we will say straight away if it can be fixed and just as importantly whether it should be fixed. So if you’re in the Airdrie, Alberta area and you have appliances that seem to have stopped working just after they stop being covered by warranty (funny how that happens) then we are people who will fix it for you.  Whatever it is.

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