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Airdrie Appliance Repair

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Welcome to Airdrie Appliance Repair Pros, the nice folks who can fix any and all of your household appliances from the big stuff like fridges and washing machines to the small but equally loved little things like TVs, coffee grinders, and food processors. We know that the temptation these days is to simply repurchase rather than repair and there are times when that is the best option but we are here to help you decide if it is really the best choice.

For the sake of your wallet, our planet, and sometimes your own feelings we are there for you to repair those things that really haven’t finished their time.

About Us

We are the best appliance repair team in Airdrie, but to understand that consider for a moment how the world has changed. Increasingly manufacturers don’t have their own repair services because they are locked in a design cycle that pressures them to create new shiny models rather than keep the old ones working. People have got used to that to the point where nobody is surprised anymore if an appliance stops working as little as a year after purchase - and yet kitchen appliances should have lifetimes of one or two decades. Extended warranties are available but you know who gets called in when things need repair? We do. In the US the Consumer Reports repair or replace report found that people were consistently more satisfied with the quality of service and the cost of repairs provided by independent repair shops when compared to factory services, especially for large appliances. We are that independent repair shop, right here in Airdrie.

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    Our Services

    ​We’re not just really skilled repair technicians; we’re believers. We believe that appliances don’t have to be disposable items that are simply replaced and never repaired. We also love showing off the technical skills that mean we can bring life back to appliances that were thought dead. We’re homeowners too, with families, and we know that means an ever increasing number of appliances around the place. Which means we know how much money it can cost to change them all the time. So we take care of your stuff, but we make sure we save you money in the process. The following are just a few of the things we fix, but as masters of the mechanical and experts in electrical there are a whole lot more we didn’t have time to namecheck, so call us and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.

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    Appliance Repair

    ‘They don’t make them like they used to’ - it’s a refrain we hear all the time as modern appliances just don’t seem to last as long as the ones our parents used. To a certain extent that’s true as the product design cycle is just so rapid these days but it’s also the complexity of modern devices. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way since our dedicated team works hard to bring new life back to appliances that still have a lot more to give. We don’t just take your money; we will let you know straight away if it can be and if it should be repaired but if we can repair it we will.

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    Fridge & Freezer Repair

    Fridges and freezers work twenty four hours a day every day of the year so in terms of failures per operating hours they are amongst the most reliable appliances you have. Unfortunately the moment they do fail you have a ticking time bomb of frozen and fresh food going off so we have to move fast. Call us and we’ll be round as fast as we possibly can.

    an open dishwasher with plates and cups

    Dishwasher Repair

    Water all over the floor? Dishes coming out as dirty as they went in? We’ve seen it all and we can fix it all too. So end those dishwasher disasters by a simple call to our trusty technicians.

    “I was about to just buy a new microwave when my kid asked why we didn’t repair it. I didn't have a good answer and by chance got in touch with Airdrie Appliance Repair Pros. They sorted it and made such a good impression that we’ve dug a couple more appliances out of the garage and had them put back into working order for good measure.” - Seb T.

    handyman in overalls repairing domestic dishwasher in the kitchen

    “Our TV started to act weird and while we weren’t sure if you can even fix modern TVs a friend told us to call Airdrie Appliance Repair Pros. They had it sorted straight away and saved us a pretty happy amount of money in the process..” - Jerry L.

    smiling lady behind technician repairing dishwasher in kitchen

    “Not only did our fridge fail but it did it just as we came up to Christmas. Airdrie Appliance Repair Pros came round and had it back up and running the same day. Delighted..” - Steve D.

    male technician repairing refrigerator indoors

    Washer & Dryer Repair

    Most washer and dryer problems boil down to water being where you don’t want it - either spilling out of the machine, or sloshing around with those clothes that are meant to be dry. No matter, we can trace and fix all kinds of mechanical, plumbing, or electrical faults and get your clothes cleaning routine back on track.

    male worker repairing the dryer

    Small Appliance Repair

    Because they’re easily portable there is always a temptation to replace rather than repair your small appliances but if you do a quick check you’ll find you have more of them than you think. From TVs to food processors we can fix all those little electrical devices that make our lives easier and better.

    repairman fixing and repairing microwave oven

    Stove and Oven Repair

    It’s hardly a real home if it doesn't have a working oven at the heart of it and so we fix your ovens, stoves and ranges no matter what has gone wrong with them. From malfunctioning temperature control to burners that just won’t we can sort out that sulky stove for you.

    male worker wearing overall installing oven in kitchen

    Contact Us Today

    Ugly noises coming from your appliance? Something not right? You don’t have to trash them and get another, however much that may make manufacturers happy. Before you bin it give us a call and we will tell you whether it is worth repairing rather than replacing. We may even be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong just from the sound of your device. So call us now.

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